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Yuan Kuocheng ballad

Yuan Kuocheng:People in Beijing。Born in tianjin。Ballad family background,Uncle Yuan Jieting、Yuan Jiewu Yuan Jieying and father claims to be“Had three jie”,With lan-fang liu、ChanTianFang、Professional es“The big four ballad singing performance artists”,To anyone who says《The romance of The Three Kingdoms》Is famous,Enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad the ballad of master of art。“The ancient LiuJingTing,This is Yuan Kuocheng”,Because of the blood,The deep foundation,A household name。Yuan Kuocheng advocated new books,Small stage of traditional ballad to the big stage,The ballad singing really become a popular art form。Yuan Kuocheng on the basis of inheriting traditional ballad,Continuously explore,Innovation,Language vivid and humorous,Character image is bright,A“Drift、Qiao、Fast、Crispy”The characteristic。The new content、The new style、The new language。


《The romance of The Three Kingdoms》《Xue Gang tang》
《Peng to set out》《Soul hunter》
《Place of bullies》《Water margin liangshan》

ChanTianFang ballad

ChanTianFang,Famous ballad singing performance art master,Heir to the state-level non-material cultural heritage。The original anshan jie business delegation,The honorary President of Beijing quyi artists association。Member of Chinese QuXie,Member of Chinese popular fiction research association。1934Born in tianjin,In the same year with his parents to shenyang,1952Twenty seven years in shenyang after graduating from high school, he enrolled in the northeast institute of technology,1987Years of retirement。According to more than half a century,Were recorded、The broadcast《Sui and tang dynasties fictions》、《SanXia WuYi》、《Bridled warrior》、《TongLin》、《SanXia sword》、《Ming heroes》、《Gone with the lean》And so on100More than a total of15000I set the radio、Ballad singing television works,Sorting by17Sets28Traditional ballad text book,The first in the ballad。“Every well,Listen to the ChanTianFang”,“ChanTianFang ballad”Has become an important symbol of Chinese traditional culture。


《Sui and tang dynasties fictions》《SanXia WuYi》
《Bridled warrior》《TongLin》
《Gone with the lean》《SanXia sword》
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Professional ballad

Professional,The famous ballad singing performance artists,1941Born in changchun,Originally from salt mountain county in hebei province,The storyteller family background。The professional of childhood with his parents the hobo,1948Years,Settled in tianjin in brine sell,Reading was to go to school“Tianjin conservatory division three campuses”As the school the only model for children。Reading for five years,Disease because of the father,School going,Did you get a degree。He's on coop textbooks,Self-study finished early、High school、College of liberal arts,And to learn skills in free time,Through read masterpiece to widen our sight。In tianjin、Jinan area began to address long ballad。 He was the first to introduce the ballad of TV performance artists,1985In his ballad broadcast《Yang warrior》In liaoning TV pilot success,From then on, was an instant hit,Become a household name、Beloved humor ballad of mouth。Main representative works:《Sui and tang dynasties fictions》、《The water margin》、《Small eight righteousness》、《Bao's case》、《SanXia WuYi》、《The Book and the Swor》、《Liu Xiuchuan》、《Exaggeration idiom》、《The blue sea》And so on。


《Small eight righteousness》《Bao's case》
《SanXia WuYi》《Liu Xiuchuan》
《Exaggeration idiom》《The blue sea》

Lan-fang liu ballad

Lan-fang liu,Famous ballad singing performance artists,The national level of actors,Enjoy the special allowance of the state council。1979To begin,There are more than hundreds of radio broadcast her kids broadcast full-length ballad《The legend of yue fei》,Stir the country,Influence overseas。After the broadcast and write《Yang warrior》、《A dream of red mansions》、《To call home》、《Song taizu fictions》、《Pear flower fan》、《Zhu yuanzhang fictions》、《The five phoenix chaoyang knife》、《Devil incarnate cheng yaojin》、《Qidan shaw, the queen mother 》、《The tang romance》、《Yu shun big》And so on30Some of the ballad,Many times in national literary award and the country“May 1 labor medal”、“Worker”And so on the title。Ballad lan-fang liu said,A loud noise,God the spirit foot,Capable in bold,Said is very suitable for play hero characters and their stories。Because of her early acquisition sing drums,Voice received good training,The feeling of music are natural zone into ballad said play。Thus the ballad on auditory said,But also a kind of steel rolling development of aesthetic feeling。Especially when the storyteller modelling loud voice,Makes lan-fang liu a popular ballad characteristic performance artists。


《The legend of yue fei》《A dream of red mansions》
《Yang warrior》《To call home》
《Pear flower fan》《The tang romance》

Even like ballad

Even if,The female,The manchu。China coal mine art ensemble ballad singing actor,Famous ballad singing performance artists,The national level of actors,Enjoy special government allowances。1960With father in the rich to learn skills such as,Is the sole heir to even send the ballad。For more than a decade for the provinces and cities、TV station recorded《The kingdoms of the eastern han dynasty》、《The romance of The Three Kingdoms》、《The deer and the cauldron》More than a dozen ministers, including ballad singing,Warmly welcomed by the audience。To Singapore for many times“The call for her”Recorded a radio and international radio《A dream of red mansions》Big book, etc,And was invited to the United States、Malaysia performances,Open the way for Chinese ballad singing abroad。The main works are:《Penglai knight errant》、《A dream of red mansions》、《The deer and the cauldron》、《Three aspects to set out》、《Kangxi emperor》、《Kangxi got》、《Liu set out》、《The dongfang shuo》、《Sui and tang dynasties》、《Yongzheng knight errant figure》、《Twelve woman》、《Wu zixu》And so on。


《The kingdoms of the eastern han dynasty》《Sui and tang dynasties》
《Penglai knight errant》《Twelve woman》
《Kangxi emperor》《A dream of red mansions》
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Cantonese ballad

Folk storyteller,The ancient has,Before the qing dynasty,Guangzhou storyteller is folk spare more mass entertaining activities after dinner。At the end of the Ming dynasty,Jiangsu taizhou master storyteller LiuJingTing(1587A1670)As KangQing general zuo jade screen,When the army have the storyteller art from guangdong,Since then,Guangzhou a professional storyteller artiste,And honour LiuJingTing as he was。The storyteller is the individual presentation,Artists with a folding fan and a piece of attention catching block do props。Guangzhou art characteristics of the storyteller is a table(Described by a third party)Give priority to,Pay attention to the rhythm of language and rhythm,A large amount of use of local folk idioms、Proverb、Had、Both colloquial usage and popular language of life,And draw lessons from some of the traditional opera performance skills,For processing the bibliography retouching。Early storyteller artiste,Much of pilgrims speech at the gate of the temple“Advise the article”,Later artists since the humble“Roles Lao”Or in the street“Open street”,Some are in the lowest teahouse。The late qing dynasty,Have a stage name“Even Mr”者,In the eastern JiaoChang by Lao roles for a living。1945~1949 Years,Lee I and deng send dust in a radio station began long bibliography,Li speak good at modern family ethics romantic theme,Deng is longer than the classical literary classics,They both won a large audience。


《Wulin legend》《The water margin》
《Unfortunately for transfer》《Journey to the west》
《Luk siu fung》《Xing tang》



Ballad singing actor fan with fan is ordinary paper。Actors use it instead of a sword weapon、Writing brush, etc,Virtual actions or scenery。You must perform the sword posture of fighting with the fan。In case of peer assessment of bends,Fan took up the pass,Said:“The fan is old,Wenwu directions,False pen for the book,A lance borrow it。”The actor should answer:“The fan have ancient,A sword sticks with it。Wenwu nine flow sometimes,But I regardless of winter and summer。”The two words that folding fan in the ballad singing actor hand use。

LongUnlined upper garment

Jacket,Is the manchu men riding often wear a jacket。Convenient to ride a horse,Outside the gown set a length to the umbilicus、Open an short flown in all directions、Jacket with cold。Now, many of the manchu people wear double-breasted small cotton-padded jacket,Is the evolution from the jacket。Hakka also called mandarin unlined upper garment,Jacket sleeve outside QiZhuang or full style gown to wear,Some similar vest or jacket,Therefore, neatly dressed and called“Long gown mandarin jacket”。


With the other “Handkerchief”Is a big piece of white handkerchief,General handkerchief can replace。Performance,Fold to instead of letters、Book、Table、Sale,Also can be a handkerchief,Simulation to wipe the sweat、Wiping away tears,But you can't really clean。General ballad singing actors in the field of another a practical towel to wipe the sweat。

Wake upWood

Attention catching block is also called the eye-catching、Wood rung,Is a rectangular piece of small hardwood block。Sizes,Usually about an inch long,About half an inch wide。The edge,Article 20 the touchline,Ten plane。Nine flat exposed on the table,So also called“Q9”。Of the nine party's legend,Opinions vary。

The smoke

The smoke、Snuff can borrow as a prop,But you can't really suck really smell。Only when the intermittent actors smoking。New book characters of smoking,When the pipe of simulation may be analog or use a fan。


Show your character while drinking water,Can really drink,When actors to drink water,Can also arrange for your character of water。