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Southern anhui chaohu film industry co., ltd. is a company specializing in packaging new materials、A new type of private enterprises paper-plastic composite,Founded in1998Years6Month,Cover an area of an area15m,A: the gross area is approximately4000Square meters,Assets1500More than ten thousand yuan,The main production equipment50...
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Southern anhui chaohu film industry co., LTD
The ground The address:Maanshan city and county nest ning road291Number
The electricity Words:0555-5311002
Hand Machine:18098606530
Contacts:Manager li

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Respect for customers,Understanding the customer,Create value for customers,Is our service tenet,With all matters of the heart、Conscientious of aggravation for customers is our service concept。We're going to use“Heart”To communicate,To use“Six heart”Go to the service。 A、Care and love:Standing in customer Angle,The...